About Practitioner Training…

On NLP – based Therapy…
I decided to give NLP based therapy a go to help with my low self-esteem. I have explored other avenues, some more traditional, over the years to no avail. This problem has plagued me all my life and has held me back in my private, social and work life. A friend recommended I give NLP a go and although I knew little about it I thought I had nothing to loose.
I was apprehensive at the beginning and after one session I wasn’t even sure if I would go back. I stuck with it and “my world” is a different place nowadays.

I was made to feel at ease by instantly. I developed techniques, which quickly helped get me through “tricky” situations. I now have higher self esteem (it is still growing) and more confidence. I am slowly beginning to like who I am and I love the freedom this gives me.  My work is still, as they say in progress.  NLP worked for me and I did not ever believe it would. Thanks Lisa for your belief in me, for reframing my world and helping me clear up all my limiting beliefs.
Most importantly I believe in me.

Male, Anon, September 2016


On the NLP Practitioners Course…

Having taken NLP Practitioners, my mind has been opened up to the possibility of change by the unique use of language. The techniques and interventions that I learned show clearly that ‘choice’ is behind all of our decisions and that the responsibility for change rests with each individual.  <br /><br />Now having just completed NLP Masters, and gained some advanced skills and techniques that are beneficial in business, education and therapy, I feel even more equipped to step forward into the world and enlighten, guide and encourage others to make positive changes in their own lives. I highly recommend NLP Northern Ireland as a training organization and am privlidged to have shared this experience with them.

Bernie – April 2016


On the NLP Practitioner Course August 2017…

I felt like my life was in a rut both personally and professionally. I began researching courses that would stimulate me and over a period of about 1 yr I was tempted by  NLP.  Every course on NLP was being delivered in England or America. Imagine my delight when I found NLPNI was offering the Practitioner course here in Ireland.

The mystery of nlp began to unfold during the very intense and professional training facilitated by Emma James who offered continuity and quality assurance. The delivery was superb and well structured and through Emma’s dissemination of the theory of language and communication, daily I experienced a positive impact on my personal growth.
The whole experience was an eye opening and safe journey of self discovery made even more enjoyable by the new friends that I met on the course.

Through the training I feel more in control of my own world and I can manage my life more effectively.
My manager has commented on the change in me since completing the course, he said I was a completely different person.
The course is truly a life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone in the education sector. Not only do the skills gained help in personal life, they are a great asset in any professional capacity.

Cathy Mc Cart MInstLM
Essential Skills & Education Coordinator


On Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis…

At last Northern Ireland has truly a centre of excellence for NLP Training and Therapy with NLP Northern Ireland.  The NLP Practitioners course was fantastic, providing for me practical tools I could implement in my everyday work to enhance my personal business performance.

With the additon of Time Line Theraphy (TLT) and Hypnosis, these completely new areas for me were a revelation!  I enjoyed it so much, I couldn’t wait to attend the Master NLP (TLT&Hypnosis) Practitioners course. I highly recommend it!!!!!

Mairead Guinness


On Practitioner and Master Practitioner in NLP…

Having thoroughly researched lots of NLP providers, I decided to choose NLP Northern Ireland and Opal Training to study both at Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level in NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.  NLP Northern Ireland is genuinely passionate about what they do and this is so evident in their desire to help you in your journey and development in the areas of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy. Their personal, professional approach and attention to detail really delivers value for money and confidence in what they provide is of a truly superior quality.

NLP Northern Ireland and Opal Training have carefully selected the best trainers in the area of NLP. The Trainers deliver a clear and comprehensive understanding of NLP both at Practitioners and Master Practitioner Level. Their training standards are of the highest level expected and you will leave NLP Northern Ireland with the want and desire to come back to learn more!!!

Paul Colburn

I Found the NLP practitioner course to be very worthwhile not only in terms of career but on a personal level also. A very enjoyable learning experience which was fun, intensive and rewarding.” Caroline Boyd 2008

I was a bit concerned about the pre course study however I now understand the importance of it. I can refer to it anytime ,for a reminder , I will always have my cds and manual. I have completed the Masters and Prac with NLP Nortehrn Ireland and can truly say they have been professional,supportive and encouraging . Good luck to them in the future and I will keep attending the “After Care Evenings ” where I learn so much.

Stephen Brown

I attended the Master Practitioner in NLP in October 2017 and wow, what a course. The training was fantastic, Emma was brilliant as a trainer! I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to enhance their personal or business life. Brilliant.

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